Green Hill Boxing Glove Fighter

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Greenhill’s Prime Quality synthetic leather FIGHTER boxing gloves with anti-shock technologyis an innovative addition in Greenhill boxing accessories making it preferable for training.  These boxing gloves with multi-layered padding articulated to not only disseminate shock and stand up against extreme punishment but also to provide best comfort and usability as well. Excellent weight distribution between the finger hangover and the wrist gives athlete a feeling of balanced punch. Ideal size keeps the hands of athlete in place by not giving hand much space to run around in the glove. These gloves have the ability to molds themselves to the athlete’s hand shape which in turn provides more comfort to the hands during training. Advanced KMT-Padding mechanism hold firmly all the layers of padding and gives athlete the comfort he deserves to have.Flat design helps in absorbing the impact reaching hand to highest possible level. Treated with advanced GTR-anti microbial medicated process embedding   anti-microbial properties to provide a maximum hygienic efficiency.The extra padding with KMT-kemo stitching mechanism in the finger overhang not only gives a very cushioned and comfortable feel but also helps in retaining its shape. Anti-slip, non-toxic, durable and easily cleanable design makes it a must-have. These Greenhill gloves allow you to go hard core.




These pro-style Greenhill boxing gloves made from Best quality synthetic leather boxing gloves have no match in durability and are extremely resistant to wear and tear. It helps in retaining shape by not succumbing to the pressure. These gloves are perfectly suitable for athletes looking to train at professional level.


These professional grade gloves with Flatter design and multi layered foam padding offers maximum shock absorption. Its ergonomic design armed with additional layer of padding over knuckles and wrist makes it pro impact.


These odor eliminator boxing gloves with breathable fabric and GKL-sweat eliminating treatment makes it ideal for prolonged training sessions. Its ergonomic design with anti-microbial properties makes it remarkably odor resistant. These disinfectant boxing gloves along with Bio-Dri liner ensures increased hygiene efficiency.


Equipped with Advanced hook and loop fastening system revamps fist placement and grip panels for maximum griping power. Advanced hook and loop closure give supportive, customized and secure fit offering stability, comfort, support and wrist protection during training sessions and professional competitions.


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