Green Hill Boxing Glove Oracle

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Greenhill’s oracle boxing gloves series is an innovative addition in boxing accessories range. Shining finish will not only keep the outer surface clean but also gives an eye catching sight. Rounded shaped finger hangover makes the sparring and training sessions a delight. Wide hook and loop strap around the wrist secures gloves to its place giving athlete a comfort fit. multi layers of  padding provides future fighter unbeatable comfort by disseminating the impact to whole glove and the round foam padding around knuckles making it capable of enduring a lot of punishment . The extra padding with KGT-Geom. stitching mechanism in the finger overhang doesn’t tax athlete’s finger with bulkiness and provides a very cushioning and comfortable feel. Advanced DFJ-padding mechanism with X-9 stitching helps in retaining its shape. Anti-slip, non-toxic, durable and easily cleanable design makes it a must-have.


These professional grade gloves with GTL-Padding mechanism disseminates shocks by converting the kinetic energy to another form of energy ,bringing stability in the life of gloves without having to compromise on speed of punches.  

Equipped with GX-hook and loop fastening system revamp fist placement for maximum griping power. Advanced hook and loop strap gives supportive, customized and secure fit offering stability, comfort and support and wrist protection during training sessions.

 These pro-style Greenhill boxing gloves made from pure KLT-synthetic leather ensures durability and makes it resistant to the extreme wear and tear. It helps in retaining the shape by not succumbing to the pressure. These gloves are perfectly suitable for athletes looking to train at professional level.

Its ergonomic design with anti-microbial properties keeps them cleaner and smelling better for longer period of time. Shinning finish keeps the dust away, giving an eye catching sight.

 Made from advanced manufacturing techniques, designed according to the needs of the professionals these boxing gloves are ideal for mitt works, sparring, heavy punching bag workouts, kick boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, practice. Comes in a pair.


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