Green Hill Boxing Glove Super Star

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Green hill’s genuine leather Super star boxing gloves are valued addition to professional competition accessories. Tucked thumb and tough genuine leather construction allows athlete to fight like a champion in the ring. Pre-curved shape will keep your hands in the right position to land punch after punch without having to worry about injuries. With a single DVA construction it offers a wide range of motion and superior ventilation that keeps your hands dry and fresh. The multi-layered padding not only disseminates shock but also stands up against extreme punishment without compromising comfort. These boxing gloves with breathable fabric and vented perforations expel sweat and maximize your gloves usability. Its ergonomic design with anti-microbial properties makes it sweat and odor resistant. Attached thumb keeps the thumb locked in place and prevents thumb injuries during heavy punching. These disinfectant boxing gloves along with Bio-Dri liner ensures increased hygiene efficiency. JZ-smart design with HM-finishing these boxing gloves are constructed to beat the opponent. Make grand entrance to ring with green hill’s upscale super star boxing gloves.


Greenhill’s tough constructed genuine leather boxing gloves with GKL-Advanced padding mechanism it is recommended for professional training and competition. Multi-layered padding not only disseminates shock but also makes the gloves stand up well against extreme wear and tear.

The inbuilt shock absorbing layer disseminates shocks by transferring the impact to the connecting surface and aids in bringing stability in the life of gloves without having to compromise on speed of punches. Reinforced X-mould design meets the requirements of athletes for professional competition.

Equipped with swift k- fastening strap revamp fist placement for maximum griping power and provides supportive, customized and secured fit offering stability, comfort, support and wrist protection. KMT-Anti Microbial treatment provides best possible protection to the hands of athlete from skin infection causing bacteria.

Genuine leather, DVA construction combined with anti microbial treatment, these gloves not only provides unbeatable protection but are useful for long haul. Attached thumb reduces the chance of thumb injuries to minimum. Vented perforations keep the hands of athlete cool dry and fresh during active performance.

Made from advanced manufacturing techniques, designed according to the needs of the professionals these boxing gloves are ideal for boxing training and sparring.



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