Green Hill Chest Guard Ladies

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Greenhill chest guard karate is a vital addition in the protective gear range. 100% Lycra construction combines the qualities of comfort, durability, strength, flexibility, functionality and shape recovery. Ergonomic design augments athlete’s performance by allowing full range of mobility. Interlaced back strap for easy application and snug fit. Its versatile design allows it to be used in professional training and competition as well. XK- Vento technology wicks away the moisture and prevents odor build-up during active performance. Anti microbial treatment prevents the growth of bacteria. This chest shield is best for athletes looking to train at a professional level.


Pure Lycra makes this chest protector supremely durable, functional, flexible and strong. Lycra binding provides exceptional stretch and holds its shape even after long use. Heavy duty FJK- Stitching enhances durability and long-lasting usability. The additional pre-shaped inserts for the chest area provide remarkable protection to athlete.

 Advanced inbuilt defense mechanism ensures maximum impact absorption. Extended coverage for the chest, ribs and shoulders provides overall protection to endure the heaviest blows.

XK- Vento technology gives an exceptional moisture wicking performance. Breathable mesh material makes the athlete feel comfortable by evacuating sweat. Anti microbial treatment does not just prevent odor and bacteria build up but also extends the life of this breast protector. Breathable fabric armed with anti-microbial properties makes it skin friendly and perfectly suitable to be used by athlete with normal and sensitive skin.

Equipped with interlaced ties for secure placement, wrap around design provides snugness at its perfection for agile performance.

 Incorporated features of a best Chest protector, it can be used in the Professional  training  and competition of boxing, sparring, Muay Thai, taekwondo, MMA, Martial Arts, Judo and kickboxing etc.


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