Green Hill Fitness Set Legging/Bra

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Greenhill presents this super cute gym outfit for ladies to get you in spirit of workout. Splendid supplex construction does not just resist fading but also makes this multipurpose gym wear super elastic and comfortable wearing. An anti-slip lightweight design doesn't Tax the female athlete with extra burden, maximizes comfort and stability.X-8 advanced stitching technology enhances durability and usability. Its high tenacity and durability can withstand extreme wear and tear and repetitive washing.  Lycra build sports bra provides exceptional stretch and holds its shape even after long use. Consciously stitched leggings allow you to run, exercise, stretch and jump to your full potential without having to constantly pull them up. Four way stretchy fabric and offers optimum compression and support for a carefree light and brisk feel. If you’re looking for good gym outfit to get you motivated to get in shape than you are in right place.


  • Supplex being exceptionally stretchy, serves you with unmatched durability, comfort and ensures faster drying than other fabrics. Superior construction makes this gym suit super handy and light weight. Because of its sun resistant nature it is highly recommendable for outdoor yoga.
  • Extended coverage for the chest, ribs and shoulders, makes the gym top popular among ladies.  Heavy duty FJK- Stitching ensures durability and long-lasting usability.
  • These versatile Greenhill tights have the ability to return to their original shape after stretching. With a second skin feel, you can run, exercise, stretch and jump to your full potential without having to constantly pull them up.
  • Moisture wicking breathable fabric keeps the air contact and prevents sweat and odor from building up. You’ll stay comfortable throughout even in the toughest of workouts like cross fit, yoga, spin, running and Pilates etc.
  • Incorporates all the performance elements to be worn in aerobics, Pilates, jogging, running, yoga, exercise, fitness, cardio workouts, any type of workout and everyday use.

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