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Green hill’s presents traditional uchi komi bands to give broader practice to athlete who wants to train at professional level. These bands are manufactured from 100% pure judo cotton fabric to give athlete the feeling a of real opponent. It not only aids the beginner in Tai sabaki, kuzushi, Morote Seoi Naga, Seoi Naga and Osto Gari but also improves coordination, rhythm, endurance, balance, speed, muscle memory and basics of judo. Stretchable wire allows athlete to perform variety of actions, enhancing grip strength, hand endurance. Continuous use can thicken your muscles giving you a strong appearance. Pure judo cotton fabric absorbs sweat giving athlete anti-slip grip. Adding a partner in your uchi komi band practice not only builds muscles you need to throw your opponent by a slightest twist but also gives the athlete unbeatable explosive power. A good reason for using Uchi komi is it allows athlete to perform a lot of repetitions with uke. These are equally useful for novice beginners and advanced athletes.


Strengthened grips not only makes you perform better in judo but also bring stability in your gym and weight lifting activities. It is designed specially to build your upper muscles so you can break your opponents balance and improve your all throwing skills.

The unique grip feature of Judo cotton fabric of handles give athlete the feeling of real Gi suit collar and sleeves allowing athlete to practice variety of collar and sleeve grips techniques with both hands.

These uchi komi bands do not only strengthen and condition martial artist’s hands but also take their Tai sabaki, Kuzushi, Seoi Naga, Osto Gari techniques to next level. Ideal for increasing mobility, pulling power and speed for throws.

Stretchable wire allows controlled muscle tension in every possible direction, improving mobility, posture and core strength.

Tested for strength and endurance, it is recommendable for Judo, Sambo, jiu jitsu, Martial arts and Bjj, stretching, resistance training, flexibility exercises and core workouts.


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