Green Hill Knee Pad

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Greenhill knee support constructed from incredibly durable and high performance elastic fabric designed for constant use injury prevention and muscle recovery. Tough mixed Polymer construction gives these knee brace high tensile strength and aids in maintaining their strength over wide variety of temperatures. KMT-Advanced padding mechanism around knee cap area prevents knee and clothing damage during sports, training and outdoor activities. Elasticated fabric moulds to the knee’s natural contour. Anatomically designed knee pads besides providing protection to athlete during sports and outdoor activities gives soothing warmth to pain associated with meniscus tear, arthritis, patella, joint and ligament injuries. Super stretchable elasticated band keeps the knee brace stay on securely without slipping. Precisely designed padded knee cap absorbs pressure peaks during intense exercises and heavy usage. Heavy duty reinforced stitching guarantees exceptional durability and stability.


 Advanced elasticated band with excellently padded knee cap not only provides snugness but also gives supreme protection to knee area. Tough mixed polymer construction with heavy duty stitching offers optimum support during sports and exercise periods.

Anti-slip curved knee cap provides freedom from readjustments during squats, yoga, gymnastics or any other activities. Multiple compression zones in the knee cap provide soothing warmth to stiff muscles and protect joints without lessening mobility.

 Mixed polymer with advanced LKT-interior finishing regulates pain and swelling and helps reduce moisture buildup when using for longer time period. Features JRH-Technology that provides heat and increase blood flow and oxygen to soft tissue injuries for faster recovery and further prevention of re-injuries.

 This knee support is hypoallergenic and can be used by athletes with normal and sensitive skin. Ergonomic design provides moisture wicking compression for therapeutic warmth and healing.

 These knee guards incorporates all the features to be used during training, squats, cross fit, basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball, cycling, skiing, running and hiking. Also cruciate ligament injuries, dislocated kneecaps, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, ACL tears, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee etc.


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