Green Hill MMA Glove 0088

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Greenhill’s superior quality synthetic leather constructed MMA gloves are best addition to greenhill MMA gears. Superior synthetic leather combined with advanced GKL-stitching technology offer high standard in quality and performance.  Advanced TRX-CORE multi layered padding around the knuckles provides excellent cushioning support to the athlete while striking. Additionally padded wrist panel provides unmatched wrist support to athlete during intense training. GTR-anti microbial treatment provides maximum hygienic efficiency. 2x wide hook and loop straps with sweat absorbing properties resist sweat reaching athlete’s hand while providing athlete maximum level of protection around the wrist area. Attached fingers keep the fingers in place without compromising the mobility.


Top grade synthetic leather construction is made to withstand extreme punishment. Superior synthetic leather guarantees High Tensile strength, breathability, long lasting durability, functionality and maximum performance against extreme wear and tear.

Embedded anti-microbial properties resist mold, mildew and bacterial growth. With antimicrobial agents incorporated into fabric it prevents formation of unpleasant odors and promotes moisture escape. Additionally padded wrist panel provides unmatched wrist support to athlete during intense training.

MXK- fastening Strap creates an ease of use by offering a non-slip grip. Contoured and tight fit finger compartment offers snugness at par. Advanced multi-layered with EVA foam padding provides extra cushioning during extreme training sessions.

 Additional padding on the knuckles diverge the impact and refrains its transmission to the hands. These MMA gloves are strengthened with reinforced Heavy duty GKL-Advanced stitching for longevity and stability.

These multi-purpose MMA gloves have all the features of being used in training and combat sports, equally suitable for both men and women. They are ideal to be used in Training, Sparring, MMA, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, punching drill, heavy bag workouts and grappling.


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