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Before you are ready to get in the ring with the best in the business you need to train yourself that hard. Greenhill’s’ Pre-Curved leather punching gloves will keep your hands in the right position to land punch after punch with our damaging the joints and the gloves padding will save you from horrible skin tears. Greenhill’s simple yet stylish looking bag gloves are made of prime quality GRX- synthetic leather with several layers of foam padding give maximum level of protection to the hands of athlete during prolonged training sessions. Mesh holes in the palms allows easy ventilation keeping the hands dry, fresh and odor free. Wide elasticated strap around the wrist secures gloves to its place giving athlete a comfort fit. The extra padding with KMT-Kemo stitching mechanism in the finger overhang not only gives cushioned and comfortable feel but also helps in retaining its shape. If you are looking for bag gloves that will last this would be a good choice for you.


If you are training toward actual in the ring pugilism than you just need Greenhill’s professional training aid bag gloves to unleash the best out of yourself.  Superior quality synthetic Leather makes these gloves water and weather resistant. Treated with medicated anti-microbial treatment making it suitable for prolonged use.

These professional grade training gloves offer extra round padding in the knuckles, prevents knuckle pain without limiting the practice to low-impact drills. The ideal weight of this extra round piece of padding removes the bulkiness and improves the reaction time of athlete.

Being ideal in weight it helps the athlete in quick reflexes and makes the snap punches easy. Its light weight design not only makes it easy to carry but also causes less trainer fatigue so you can train harder.

Stitched using advanced Rayon threads with KMT-Kemo stitching these punching gloves are durable enough to last your entire training session. Mesh holes in palm help in keeping the hands dry, Fresh and odor free. Powered by elasticated straps to limit the putting on time in the training.

These gloves are ideal to be used in boxing training and heavy bag workouts.


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