Green Hill Wall Pad Supreme

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Greenhill wall pad with pure synthetic Leather construction and JKL stitching technology is built to withstand long term of use. It rugged and sturdy design makes it a best training partner for trainers looking to train at a professional level. Highly visible Face and chin target areas allow technical training. Anatomical design comes with easy assembly and installation. Genuine leather combined with Z-M strengthening finish makes it remarkably resistant to wrinkles and stains. Its ergonomic design does not just help in developing strength, rhythm and power but also improves coordination, timing, accuracy and hand quickness. These wall mounted targets serves athlete in several ways by offering a pro-level training.


Pure synthetic leather construction makes it tough, extremely tenacious, flexible and abrasion resistant. Supreme quality synthetic leather holds its shape and withstands long time of use. Sturdy build and JKL- stitching technology with steel rivets reinforces strength, stability, functionality and durability.

 It provides adequate cushion when hit, offering pro-level protection to the athlete. High potency foam ensures maximum dissimilation of shock is obtained. As per the old boxing saying “speed kills” it improves punching and kicking speed, helping athlete to win the actual ring fight.

Protruded & angled top area with the extended bottom target area suitable for multi-directional training. It aids athlete to work on specific punch combinations, hooks, uppercuts, jabs, kicks, knee strikes and body shots. Raised target zones for top level training.

 Incorporated target areas for target precision. Genuine leather construction to guarantee scraped area protection and sturdiness and is easily cleanable. This versatile greenhill wall pad is highly recommended for elbow hits, straight and linear kicks.

These wall mounted focus pads are ideal to be used in the training of Boxing, Sparring, Kickboxing, Sanda, Taekwondo, Wing Chun training and all angled punching combos.



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