Greenhill Round Sweat Shirt

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Greenhill presents another simple yet classy multipurpose sweat shirt. Advanced T-88 FXMax Cotton and polyester blend makes it remarkably soft and comfortable. Interior fleece feels smooth against skin. Simple user friendly construction makes it super handy and a must have. Interior finishing with 67-GM moisture control treatment provides unmatched protection from extreme weather by maintaining the natural moisture of your body. Cotton polyester being hypoallergenic in nature does not irritate skin and is perfectly useful for people with normal and sensitive skin. LAMOO -Quality keeping treatment does not just retain its color but provides unmatched usability as well. Its adaptable design makes it go well with sweat pants and jeans. If you are looking for a good loose collarless sweat shirt in affordable price than this worth buying greenhill labeled sweat shirt is ideal for you.


  • Thermal insulation properties of cotton polyester blend make it a weather-resistant fabric. It reduces the effect of harsh weather on body. The tensile strength of cotton makes it highly durable and less likely to rip or tear. Its color retaining nature retains color over time without fading or chalking away.
  • KNT-XICO thread stitching technology strengthens the stitching bond.GTL-00 polymer composition makes it light in weight and easy to carry. Interior finishing gives a comfortable feel against skin.
  • Advanced anti- microbial treatment discourages the growth of disease causing microbes. Inbuilt defense mechanism keeps it smelling better for longer period of time so you can go out with confidence.
  • KXL-JZ- inner lining allows Vitamin D absorption, blocks the UVA, UVB rays reaching your skin and makes it standup well to sun light. Anti Pill treatment makes this sweat shirt new and bobbles free for longer term of use.
  • Its adaptable design allows it be worn as athletic and leisure wear alike.


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